Nevis Offshore LLC

The main advantages of setting up a Nevis offshore company LLC are embedded in the way in which Nevis LLC’s are legally structured. Though the LLC as an offshore business entity has been adopted in many offshore jurisdictions, Nevis was the first tax shelter outside the US to pass an LLC law.

The Nevis offshore companies LLC act is a consolidated ordinance that allows Nevis LLS’s to be incorporated for offshore and domestic use. The latter can be organised by local residents for commercial purposes in Nevis. Domestic Nevis LLCs are subject to the taxes levied locally whereas offshore LLC enjoy a long list of tax exemptions.

Privacy achieved from a Nevis offshore company LLC is one of the main reasons why this entity is commonly chosen when taking business or personal affairs offshore. In no part of the statutes (Articles of Organisation and Operating Agreement) do the names of the members of a Nevis LLC appear. Anonymity is thus easily obtained without necessarily requesting the services of a nominee. Offshore legislation in Nevis further provides for the protection of the identity of the members of a Nevis offshore companies LLC by not requiring any filing of the names and addresses of the directors, manager(s) and members of any Nevis offshore companies LLC. In fact, it is general rule that these details are not published or made available to the public. If for any reason the name of a member needs to be added or removed, or the capital decreased, the agent with whom the Nevis LLC was registered can be contacted for assistance. There is no need to contact the government or the Registrar for any after care service; after all, that’s one of the main roles of a registered agent.

Nevis offshore companies LLC do not have shareholders because shares are not issued and the people or legal entities contributing towards capital are known as members. The members of a Nevis LLC are taxed on their income and no tax is applied to the profits of the LLC in order to avoid double taxation.

According to the Nevis Limited Liability Companies Act, a Nevis offshore company LLC can be established with one member who does not have to be a resident of any specific country.

A private corporation or international business company that wishes to establish a Nevis offshore company LLC is legally able to register an LLC in Nevis. The law does not restrict LLC’s from being incorporated or owned by a company or firm and hence makes forming an LLC quite simple.

For expanding or changing the way that a Nevis offshore company LLC is structured or to achieve larger economies of scale an offshore Nevis LLC can be merged with a domestic LLC so that the business may operate in Nevis while functioning offshore as well. If having more than one company seems overwhelming, various Nevis LLCs — offshore, domestic and foreign (an LLC incorporated in another jurisdiction but registered to operate in Nevis) — can be consolidated into one single entity. The relevant changes would have to be reported and files with t he Registry and hard copies of changes to the LLC will be kept at the office of the registered agent.

Offshore trusts are created for specific purposes but may present limitations in terms of being able to invest the trust funds and enter certain business contracts or arrangements so that the funds or assets in the trust increase in value by being invested in addition to cutting off taxation over a certain amount of time. In order to benefit from the same tax exemptions of an offshore trust plus increased asset value through returns on investments, Nevis offshore companies LLC are an alternative to a trust in terms of being able to tangibly increase the amount of funds or value of fixed assets placed in the trust. Or, the possibility exists to setup a Nevis offshore company LLC to complement an offshore trust especially one created to protect against spendthrift habits.


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